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Benefits from Transportation

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Benefits from using Public Transportation

So you’re a hardworking individual, who drives their car to work every day and likes to spend their hard earned money on parking and gas? Or maybe you just like all that drama that occurs on the freeway when you’re rushing to work to get to work on time. Why not remove all that stress with a little simple solution that will help save money and keep you safe? Two words, Public Transportation.   For example would you rather spend $2.25 a bus ride than $25 dollars a day to park your car.   Or arriving safe and unharmed to work, and not get into a fender bender? Taking public transportation can help save money, keep you safe and it could be fun at the same time.
Saving money
Everyone has bills and like me, sometimes struggle to pay them. Who doesn’t like to have a little extra money in their pocket?   I know I do.   I use to drive every day to work, and I use to spend a lot of money. Couple of the reasons why I did this and I believe most people do the same is because everyone wants that extra 30 minutes of sleep. Nobody wants to wake up early and walk in the cold. If you take the bus every day and not park at a garage, you can save up to $5,000 a year.   Another reason would be the gas prices. Gas prices are in a record high this year, going for almost $4 a gallon.
Public transportation is safer
I believe public transportation is safer because there are thousands of people on the road rushing to work that don’t take the advantages of public transportation. Who want to get into a fender bender when driving to work? Not only will you get into an accident, but probably lose time from work, which means you will also be losing money. Riding in a bus can be relaxing and peaceful.  

Public transportation can be fun.
Public transportation takes you to destination that a vehicleThere has been many occasion when I ride the bus with friends or even met new and interesting people on the train. Socializing with your friends or...


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