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The Brothers K

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Don't ask me how anyone figured this out, but you can only get this star before
you put together the world 3 puzzle (If you already put it together, you'll have
to restart the game if you want to get them all). Notice two of the corner
pieces of the puzzle (top left and bottom right) have a mark that resembles part
of a star (it looks like one of the points/triangles/spikes on a star). You
basically need to take these two pieces and put them together so that they make
up the bottom part of the star. Then you position the half star you made in the
top left area of the frame, because believe   it or not, the top part of the star
is already in the window (the horizontal black rectangle. I know, that's a
window!?). Look closely at the window and you can see the top point on the star,
then position your half star accordingly.

This may take a few tries though, the programmers were very strict with the
spacing of the puzzle pieces. Even if it looks perfect it might not work, but
don't give up.It snot a glitch. Keep trying until....

There's a floating star in Tim's bedroom... but how can you get it down? Go to
the world 2 puzzle in the previous room and use the platform in your (hopefully)
completed puzzle to jump up over the wall between the two rooms. Just move the
puzzle down through its frame and hop on the platform, then jump and quickly hit
B to move the puzzle closer under you. keep doing that until your close enough
to jump on top of the dividing wall, then the star is all yours.


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