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The Controversial Dam

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The Controversial Dam
John Paul Jones
      Devry University
Socs 950: Cultural Diversity in the Professions
Springr Semester 2010

                                      The Controversial Dam
I decide to choose the scenario that refers to a dam that was built in the 1950 and 60s because, having recently moved to Southern Nevada and living close to the Hoover Dam, I have learned of the importance of dams and water conservation.   Living most of my life in Minnesota, water conservation was not a concern. I am interested in Native American culture because, recently my family and I visited an area a couple of miles from our home, where there are Native American writings on the rocks and mountain sides (Petroglyphs). They are very interesting and after taking many pictures, I have tried in vain to translate them. Finally, I came to my own unprofessional conclusion; that the writings were from younger Native American kids that were bored. They seemed to be random, which is similar to the graffiti of today.
The scenario that I picked seems to incorporate several different problems and challenges including cultural, economic and political. We are dealing with the beliefs of a Native American tribe whose culture does not permit the removal of burial remains.   This culture was recognized by the U.S. government at the time the dam was constructed. This can be verified by the treaty and contracts between the U.S. government and the Native American tribe. It is important to understand and respect the cultures of others if we are to expect them to respect us. We are also dealing with the problems of lower water levels and because of this, less electricity produced.
While preparing this paper for this assignment and by utilizing the internet for investigating, I expect to learn the cultures of the Native Americans concerning the care and removal of burial ground remains. Through various sites on the internet, I intend to look up government treaties concerning dams...


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