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Why Cigarette Should Be Banned

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Cigarette is one of the most wanted items nowadays. It has been considered as a human needs too, many smokers say that by having a cigarette all their problems seem far away and gone.

But, cigarette also have disadvantages for the consumer or the people near them and also the environment. Firstly, what makes it causing a loss to the consumers is the addiction of it, people would spend all their money just for buy a cigarette, actually cigarette isn’t that expensive, but since their addiction to it, people will buy it at least once a day. Just imagine how much money would they spent just for cigarette in one month when they can spend it on something more useful.

Secondly, cigarette causes a deadly diseases. There are type of diseases for consumers depends on the period of time. For people who consumes it in a short period of time usually they get cough. But for people who consumes it in a long period of time there is a big possibilities for them to get cancer, heart attack, and another diseases that need much money in order to heal those diseases.

Finally, the most important one is by smoking you’re not just kill yourself but also every body arrounds you even they don’t smoke, and the environment surrouds you. People who doesn’t smoke but being around the smokers is called passive-smoker, just by the smoke of cigarette they could get asthma. For the environment the smokes of cigarette could be a polution.

To sum up, we think cigarette brings nothing but loss for the consumers, people around the smokers, and the environment. Even if cigarette   makes the consumers feel comfortable it’s not going to lasts forever, once you stop consuming it you’re no longer feel comfortable. Just like anonymous says about cigarette “One cigarette takes 5-20 minutes of your life, so stop smoking”


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