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题目:Money for postgraduate research is limited. Therefore, some people think financial support from the government should only be provided for scientific research by postgraduate students rather than their research on less useful subjects. Do you agree or disagree?

Since the number of universities surged in recent years, the problem, a lack of money for postgraduate research, becomes apparent gradually. Some advocate that financial support should be put on the scientific research instead of other subject researches conducted by postgraduates. Personally, I think this opinion is not completely true.
There is no doubt that scientific research needs funding aids. Through the whole history, researches about science have played an crucial role in enhancing efficiency. Computer, involving many scientific researches of world top universities , allows loads of businessmen to finish a pile of work in just a few hours, which seemed impossible in the ancient time. Also, the development of scientific research brings some obvious benefits to the university. For instance, making full use of the scientific advantage, the university can undertake some commercial programs which may properly increase the financial sources. Furthermore, from an enlightened standpoint, the researches contribute to the quality of our life. Through work of postgraduates and professors, they provide more traveling tools such as cars, ships and airplanes, even if they are proved to have serious negative effects on environment..
On the other hand, investing in scientific field does not mean we can ignore the theoretical subjects. The research of literature also promotes the development of culture. Literature, as a basic element of culture which records the customs of all different continents, shows us a colorful world. In addition, sport area is worth being discussed as well. The answers to how human break international records and which sport is suitable for the old still lie in the research of sport....


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