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Me and Only Me

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Favorite Art
In the world, there are various kinds of art, music, dance, painting, sculptors, and many others. Each one comes with its own diversity and its own audience. “Beauty” it is said “is in the eye of the beholder.” For me this statement is very true. My favorite art is music and my favorite artist is Dewayne Carter also known as Lil Wayne.
There are many reasons why I prefer music to other kinds of art. Music is a form of expression to the soul. As one feels the rhythm there is a vibe to the beat of the music. Also in most all music, there is a story and or a message. With a rap artist like Lil Wayne, music sends messages to all age groups.  
Even in music, I also have a favorite artist. His name is Dewayne Carter better known as Lil Wayne has opened my eyes to many things that are going on in the world. Such as killing, drugs, rape, and sex. His music is the truth when it comes to me feeling down and depressed. Even when I am in an up raw, such as me being upset or just wanting to be by myself his music just clams me down. It is like he is my own pain pill. Lil Wayne is a respectable African American in my eyes, like many Black rappers, I believe he is misunderstood. Lil Wayne is an intelligent and an amazing musician who has revived the art of Hip Hop in the past years and has recently been rewarded with a Grammy for his efforts. His music has influenced not only myself, but millions of people in North America, and around the world, and will continue to do so in future generations. To Lil Wayne music is like journalism; every song covers a different area of life, and he takes it as his job to report everything from the brightest things in reality to the darkest. Furthermore, his gangster mentality is what gets him my respect. Being a gangster in society today is commonly misused and misunderstood. To be a gangster means to answer to no one except God, and to do what he or she believes in. As for the statement “He is a bad example for youth on how to...


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