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Never Ending Love

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Never ending love
In the short story “A Rose for Emily” William Faulkner writes and creates a form of symbolism of the main character and the way her life was lived to that of what could have been a rose that withered away.   Throughout the short story there are other forms of symbolism which are easy identifiable such as the fact that she was once very attractive and grew to be old and unattractive such as the house she lived in which was said to be “an eye sore of eye sores”(668).     Emily’s story if very descriptive and a very telling tale of a woman who never withered until her death such as a rose would live its life.   good intro
Symbolism throughout the story is not solely pinpointed to the actual title of the story and Emily herself.   The story was that of a person who didn’t not want to progress in life, someone who only thought and new of the time where she was happy the time her father was still alive.   The death of her father contributed to her mind not being able to process the fact that time was passing by and she was no longer a woman who was to waited on hand and foot but rather a burden to the town (668).   Emily simply lived off the story that a former Mayor once said in order for her family to never pay taxes, which lead to her being almost known as a legacy in the town.  
With the death of her father came what I would associate Emily to be as manic depressive, or bipolar.   Her way of thinking that she was above everyone else made it very hard for others to feel sorry or express their sorrow for her (671).   When a new person name Homer Barron came to town to work on the road system she seemed to be drawn to him because he was loud and respected or a leader who yelled at slaves which she could probably relate to the like of her father (671).   Homer was to be the man that she fell in love with and wanted to so badly for him to stay with her that she went beyond the limits of a rational person and poisoned him so he wouldn’t live like the men in her...


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