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Calvin Forbes

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Calvin Forbes was an African American poet. Born in 1945, Calvin Forbes grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He attended the New School for Social Research, Rutgers University, and received an MFA from Brown University. My favorite poem that he wrote was entitled “The Other Side of this World”. This poem is very well written and I can relate to it.
The speaker in this poem is Calvin Forbes. The poet feels that everything is in place except for him. He is trying to say that he is not the same person and is different and the world is the same or correct but not him.   The speakers tone is negative and positive it’s not really certain to tell. “This old jigger boo never grew mature. Is everything in its place except me? “This is stated in line 3 and 4 of the poem and is talking about society being in its place except for him.

The poet Calvin Forbes uses a lot of imagery in the poem “The Other Side of this World”. Visually you could see “old rags”,” nature”, “tears” and “teeth”. Also I could hear the depth of the stomach and the phone ringing and the operator talking. I can’t taste anything. I cannot feel anything either. These above are some examples of the imagery in Calvin Forbes poem “The Other Side of this World”. There is one example of hyperbole in the poem which was  
The sound pattern that is in this poem is assonance.   For example in the first line “Put my glad rags in a cardboard box” the “a” sound in glad and rags is repeating its internal vowel song. Also in the second line “This old jigger boo never grew mature” the internal “o” sounds in boo and grew are repetitive. Another example of assonance in the poem is in the last line of the first stanza “Don’t be surprised; I called all day the internal “l” sound is present in called and all. Assonance is the only sound pattern in this poem.
The poem “The Other Side of this World” by Calvin Forbes had a nice style in writing it. The poet Calvin Forbes used imagery in the poem, which I liked because it is...


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