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The Advise About Promise

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      I went to school when I was 5 years old. That was exactly the time when we were refugees in Pakistan. In our refugee school we had a Pashto teacher named WAHIDULLAH. Who was really a very kind, honest and smart man. I will never and I can never forget his very great advices for us. The advices were for whole the class. But I think in my class and in the middle of our other classmates I was the one who was picking them up in my mind. One of the days he gave us an advice and that was: “you all really like to have awards for your great works, keeping advice in your mind can it self give you awards some times, but you are still very young”. My great teacher WAHIDULLAH said when you are asked about some thing just answers it. If you don’t have the answer try to say at least some thing about what you are asked.
For a long while I couldn’t get this quote of my teacher. I grew up with my teacher’s advices…   One of the days when I was in 9th grade; my father had an unforgettable conversation with me. He as an advice said: “when I gave you a ball made of snow and when I said this is really important thing, keep it until I wanted it back from you, what are you doing with it?” I said “I am putting it in the refrigerator _ for not letting it to loose its ball shape because of the temperature or maybe it will turn to water. Then he (my father) said: “If here is no refrigerator or electricity what are you doing with it then?” I thought for a while and after remembering my teacher’s advice, I said “I am going to hold it in my hand and blow it with my mouth (I will puff it) so it won’t change to water”. Again my father asked me if you had trouble with blowing then what will you do with it? I then answered it this way: if it was really important_ I will die for it and I will do some thing for keeping the snow ball alive, I will try my best to find a way for keeping the snow ball alive.
My father hugged me and kissed me. Then he said “(he always...


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