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Through out my teenage years I was passed around from home to home in foster care. I had felt I wasnt wanted because they kept moving me.I still had very strong relationships with my parents and my siblings but because of being in care I still felt un wanted and lonely. When I turned 16 I was able to move back home to my parents I was so happy. Over the next few months i got talking to a guy that i met at the age of 13 and dated on and off over the years he was much older then me he was 19 when we first dated ever, as we got talking again we seemed to get back into a relationship things were going great until one night we went bowling with his sister and her bf at the time and came home cause i was feeling ill. His sister had bought me a pregnancy test just in case it was that. At 12:00 am that night I took the test and it came back positive I was shocked and scared at the same time cause I knew I was only 16 at the time alls i kept thinking was am I gonna be finacially,mentally or even Physically stable to have a baby at a young age.?
Everyday, people are faced with choices. Some of life’s choices are simple, such as deciding what to wear to school or choosing a television station to watch. Other choices, however, are much more serious and have life-altering consequences. Being pregnant has many choices, whether or not to keep the baby. There are many choices such as adoption, or abortion. I decided that I would keep my baby because I knew in my heart that I would regret it in the long run if I didn’t. Throughout my pregnancy I had alot to think about I had no income at all I had to find something for me to do to support my baby and be able to take care of him. The thought of raising a baby alone since me and the father broke up was a nightmare I was terrified that I wouldnt be able to do it on my own. My parents didnt live in town so they couldnt just come right over if I needed the help since I was unable to stay living at home with my baby due to cas becoming...


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