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Colonial Williamsburg

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Colonial Williamsburg

In the 17th century, after the Native Americans were forcefully chased off of their land, the European immigrants moved to Virginia, which increased the warfare between them and the Americans. In addition, the Africans who went through the Middle Passage from Africa dealt with terrible working conditions, which caused many families to fall apart. Their family life was hard in times like these because of their poor living conditions. Meanwhile, many diseases had spread within the American Indians. According to the statistics, half of the marriages ended before the 7th anniversary, because of a partner’s death. This must have been an extremely hard time for these European families who were present around the 1640’s. The enslaved African Americans also had rough times throughout the history. We all have heard the struggles they went through during the slavery, and I could only imagine how hard family life was like. Most women had unusual birth rates because of the conditions they had to deal with. The African family life changed to more of a European lifestyle, and they adopted their clothes, food, and other practices. Slave marriages never happened in an official church. If the owner felt like selling the slave after the slave’s marriage, the slave had no choice but break up the marriage and do the assigned task. Another event like the Revolutionary War changed the family life because the majority of the men left for war, which led to leaving their family at home.
Furthermore, as animals are very useful to our needs, our history has used them greatly to help with a number of things. The Longwool Sheep has a long and healthy coat of wool that was used in many ways. They were mainly found in New Zealand and Australia, but now are rare in most areas. Another animal was the American Cream Draft Horse, which is one of the most rare horses with just over 500 left in North America. They were originated in North America and weigh about 1,500...


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