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The Law

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The Geneva Convention is a set of international laws that
protect injured soldiers and civilians during war. The law
makes sure that every person is treated well and with respect.
The first treaty was written in 1864 but it is often changed
due to different types of war. It was significantly updated in
1949 after World War Two.
Syria is one of 200 countries in the world that agrees to
follow the laws of the Geneva Convention. The agreement
is important because during war a country might need help from neutral organisations
to care for the wounded. The Red Crescent is one of the organisations that provides aid
during times of war. It also helps injured people during peacetime, and you may have seen
ambulances with the Red Crescent symbol in the street. Countries who follow the laws
of the Geneva Convention must not attack civilians, and they are not allowed to fight
someone who is already hurt. It is illegal to ignore these rules, and a country found guilty of
committing war crimes will be tried in a court of law and can be severely punished.
All soldiers, civilians and prisoners may receive medical help from doctors and nurses.
They can be taken to a hospital without being attacked. Food can also be given to people
involved in a conflict. Under the Geneva Convention it does not matter what religion,
gender or nationality a person is or what his political views are; if someone is sick he must
be treated without prejudice.


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