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Running Fo Something More

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There's a certain amount of freedom I gain while involved in long distance running. It allows me the ability to clear my mind and focus on the task at hand. Is this hill to high? Do I have enough drive left in me to finish this last mile? Every question finds an answer every time the sole of my shoe connects with the pavement. I am not sure as to the exact moment that running became somewhat of an addiction to me. Perhaps it's not the running I am addicted to but rather that I am addicted to the chance to improve. To show myself that persistence is the key to success, in running and in life.
Running has helped to approve my life in so many ways, rather it be personal or career related. The drive and motivation helps me to become better in all aspects of life. The level of confidence in myself that I obtain from running, pushing myself to the limits, gives me the power to believe I can do anything. This allows me to push those that I supervise in my career, hold them to a higher standard, make them see that they are capable of obtaining much more then even they thought possible.   Sooner or later they realize that they are more capable than they had given themselves credit for as they progress in their careers and in their personal lives.
Furthermore, the strain of fatigue and weakening limbs in long distance running acts as a reminder that no goal is achieved easily. As I push past the pain I can start to realize who I am and what I’m made of as I strive to reach my goals. This remains true to its core in my career in the coast guard as I approach my fatigue hours while underway on a search and rescue case or out on patrol. I must stay vigilant and focused as I search for that person in the water or that capsized vessel when it seems that the weather and my body is trying to stop me from achieving what must be done. Similarly, running and my career requires a high level of motivation. It takes a lot for one to find the motivation to go from enjoying a well...


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