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Good morning ladies & gentlemen And respected members of jury, strongly believing that Gandhian ideology are relevant ways of protest in the 21st century.
Mohandas Kaaramchand Ghandi or more famously known as BAPU all across India was born on 2nd October, 1869 at Porbandar, a small town in the western coast of India. From the very beginning people could discover in the little boy Mohandas a hint of that passion for reforming others which later became a dominant part of his life. As a student during his adolescent time Mohandas did not have a distinguished school career. Quiet shy & retiring guy, never did he mind being rated as a mediocre student but on the contrary was very proud of the fact that he had never told a lie to his teachers or his classmates. After passing his matriculate exams from the University of Bombay in 1887 he left to England to acquire a law degree. It was now when the teachings of the Bible & the Buddha fused his mind. It can be said that it was now when Gandhi had begun establishing himself as a person who followed the principles and morals which became the hard rock foundation of his life.
After finishing his studies in 1891 M. K. Gandhi returned back home from were in 1893 he left for South Africa to practice as a barrister. During his stay in Africa he was made to face a lot of humiliation as other Indians there had to. His boldness and courageous attitude helped him and other Indians there to change the situation to a great extent.
Ghandiji was a man who stood by his words. Be it in his fight against the white Africans, British or be it with his family, he was the same BAPPU for everyone. The ideology & values which he preached and followed became an integral part of his life and also played a huge role in making him global icon. He was addressed as a revolutionary who had a very different approach towards his own life and the change he wanted to bring about.
But, what exactly were his morals and values that people even today follow...


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