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Name: Sukhjit Kaur R. Jeerh
Teacher: Sir Jebedah Garcia
Date: August 4, 2011

Gallows of Pain
I started to feel unaccepted
It seems like the things I do are worthless.
It makes me feel unappreciated,
Thus causing my depression and sadness.
I’m beginning to lose my confidence,
But I am afraid to let others know.
So I’m just keeping it all in silence

Allowing the pain to just go and flow.
On the peak of this self-caused frustration,
You came to help me regain what I lost
Told me not to live on expectations,
Taught me to accept all of my flaws.
In this gallows of insecurity,
I thank you deeply for setting me free.

The Princess and the Dragon
        One day, there was a princess who live in a very big castle with her mother. Her mother don’t want her to go out the castle because there was a big dragon who killed her Father when she was young. And one night before she sleep her mother go to her room and said that she will be the next queen. But before that she need a king. And that morning her mother prepared a competition for the next king. She called all the prince. And then one by one they show there talent to the princess. And in the middle of the competition they all see a very big dragon. And then the dragon get the princess and go away. And the princess cried a lot and then that night the princess looked at the dragon and the princess discovered that the dragon is a handsome prince. And the prince (dragon) said that he is not a bad person and the princess believed in him she just sleep and forget everything she saw. And that morning he saw the prince that kind to him. And the princess ask him that the day her father died is it an accident or not? And the prince said it’s an accident. And the princess chosen the king to be and that was the prince (dragon). And they live happily ever after.


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