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1. E Diagnostic testing
2. B Predictive testing
3. C Pre-implantation testing
4. B Diagnostic testing
5. Yes, additional testing would me recomanded and the two most likely testing that would be recomanded would be the   Pre-implantation testing and/or prenatal testing to make sure the baby is healthy.
6. D Direct killing of diseased cells
8. A,B,C,D all of them
9. true
10. development of leukemia is a result of insertional mutagenesis by the retroviral vector
11. PGD test, because you can determine what the traits of the unborn baby
12. C 10 Mb
13. C Both
14. A,C,D not Astrogram
15. P(rec   A-C)= P(rec A-B and no rec B-C)+P(no rec A-B and rec B-C) (A-B)= .18 rec (B-C)= .21 norec (A-B)= .82 norec (B-C)= .79     (.18)(.79)+(.21)(.82)= 0.31
16. 0.5
17. E All of the above
18. because recombination events are not randomly distributed
19. B family 1 lod= 1.8, family 2 lod= 2.0.   Disease
20. Disease A and C
21. True
22. C It is more powerful than parametric analysis
23. Schizophenia is the genetic phenoman that is demostated in this finding.
25. Linkage disequilibrium
26. Q. What the best way to narrow the region as much as possible to find mutations                       A. using the cloning strategy of linkage and assosiation, which will help narrow the region as much as possible                    
27. you could create a model organism with the same defects in the genotype and obseve if it causes the same phenotypic expression.
28. A) Serious disorder that effect 1 percent of human population B) Have both good and bad symptoms to tell the condition of patient. C) have effects on your social life D) Candian Schizophrenia Project that involved 304 patient from 22 families E) Fine linkage mapping showed 15 families markers within 15 cM F) Mapped in or near the gene NOS1AP G) Though Candian sample Failed to identify any coding region mutation
29. D They emerged as a...


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