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Adjectives That Similar in Shape

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alternate (changing by turns) 轮流的,交替的
alternative (giving a choice between two things) 选择的,两者择一的;

beneficial 有益的
beneficent 多多行善的

childish 幼稚的(ish的形容词后缀常带有贬义)
childlike 孩子般的,天真的

classic 一流的
classical 古典的

clean 干净的
cleanly 有干净习惯的   Are cats cleanly animals?

comprehensible 可以理解的
comprehensive 全面的,综合的;广泛的;能充分理解的, 包容的

confident 有信心的,自信的
confidential 机密的,机要的

considerable 可以考虑的,相当的,相当多(大)的   a considerable income/distance
considerate (thoughtful)体谅的,体贴的 周到的 She is considerate to others.

contemptible可卑的;可耻的   a contemptible lie
contemptuous表示轻视的   a contemptuous look

continual: 连续的,断断续续的   continual rain/noise
continuous (going on without a break, an uninterrupted flow) 连续不断的,不停的
  /continuous fight/work

credible可信的,可靠的   a credible witness
credulous (too ready to believe thing) 轻易相信的,易上当的   He always cheats credulous people.
creditable (that brings credit)可称赞的   a creditable record/deed/effort
incredible 难以置信的
incredulous 不轻易相信人的

comparable 可比较的, 有类似之处的
comparative 比较而言的, 相当的
  /There is no scenery comparable to that of the West lake.
  /He lived in comparative comfort recently.

desirable 合意的,令人想要的
desirous 渴望的
desired 某人想要的

disinterested 公平的,公正的
uninterested 冷淡的,不感兴趣的

distinct(clear) 明显的,清晰的
distinctive(characteristic) 独特的,有区别的

earthly 人间的,尘世的
earthy 泥土似的

elementary 基本的
elemental 自然的

economic 经济的,经济学的 economic policy/geography/crisis/
economical(careful in the spending of money and time, not waste) 经济的,节俭的;
  /an economical housewife/store(节俭的主妇或节约型商店)

effective 有效果的
efficient 有效率的
effectual 奏效的
ineffectual 无效的

electric: 用电的,带电的, 有电的   electric current/cable
electrical: relating to electricity, an idea of a less close connection with electricity
electronic engineering/apparatus 电气工程学/电气设备

exceptionable 反对的
exceptional 非凡的;特殊的,例外的...


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