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Changes of Universe

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The big bang is an vital scientific theory about the origin of the universe. It occurred about 15 to 18 billion years ago. It marked the instantaneous creation of all matter in the universe. The explosion that took place was not a normal explosion; starting as a point of infinite density, thus called the “primordial nucleus”. It expanded at speeds equal to and even greater then light.

However, according to the Big Bang theory, the universe will continue to expand for billions of years. The galaxies do not expand. The galaxies will get farther apart and farther apart as time moves on. All forms of matter were formed during this time period. This theory impacted the scientific world and still is an integral part of the scientific world and in the formation of the universe. According to the Big Bang theory the universe should consist of approximately seventy – five percent of hydrogen and twenty-five percent of helium. The universe for a short yet brief time was stuck in a “false vacuum”. Then it from the state of being a “false vacuum” to a “true vacuum”, the state the universe is in today.

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As the universe has expanded, it has also cooled down 10 -35 seconds, the temperature was at 10 -27 degrees K. at this crucial temperature, the universe underwent what is called a “phase of transition”, something like the process that happens when the liquid water freezes into ice. The strong nuclear force, which acts at a very short distances and holds the protons and neutrons together, separate to form the other forces. Physicists have named this process “symmetry breaking” and it released a tremendous amount of energy. Then, in an extraordinary instant theorists have labeled it “inflation”, the universe expanded exponentially. Things slowed down a bit after the inflationary epoch. There were photons, quarks, neutrinos, and electrons, and then protons and neutrons condensed out all in less than one second after the Big...


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