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Animal Farm (Summary of Chapter Five)

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Animal farm (summary of chapter five)
  Animal farm is approaching the winter. Mollie who was avoiding work has gotten disappeared after when she was seen accepting presents of sugar and ribbon from a man on the neighbor farm. Farming has become impossible with the frozen land and so much time is spent on the big barn, where the animals decide about the future of the farm and vote. The division between napoleon and snowball are revealed and they seem to be against each other on every proposal. Snowball uses his authority clearly but napoleon works secretly and builds supports of animals especially the sheep. Snowball is preparing his new plan for the windmill of the farm which will produce electricity for the farm and reduce the labor work. Despite napoleon is completely against the idea of windmill, snowball spends hours a day working on his plan. The day which animals are going to vote on the idea of windmill arrives while the animals are divided into two groups, napoleon's supporters against snowball's ones. The meeting begins. While explaining his plan, snowball is heckled by the sheep. Then napoleon goes up and gives a short speech advising all animals to vote against snowball. Then, snowball speaks again, creating a fantastic vision of a modern farm where all the labor work is done by machines and no animal has to work. It's totally clear that snowball and his faction will win the survey but, nine huge dogs convinced by napoleon get in the barn suddenly and charge at snowball and chase his from the barn. Snowball is never seen again. Then, napoleon tells other animals that Sunday meetings are abolished and all the decisions will be taken by pigs after that. Squealer goes to explain the story to the shocked animals that napoleon has taken the leadership of the animals reluctantly! The animals are soon convinced because they think that living under the leader ship of napoleon is much better than living under the force of Jones. Three weeks after that,...


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