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Role of Chemistry in Economic Development and Environmental Protection

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4] (i) Biodiversity is the variation of wildlife and cultivated species in a given ecosystem. In this interconnected web, each organism is a producer, consumer or decomposer. Other organisms, including humans, depend for their existence on such roles.
(ii) Human activities such as poaching, deforestation, the expansion of railways, agriculture, commercial and scientific forestry, and mining are to blame for the depletion of flora and fauna.

5] (i) Indian forests are home to different communities. These communities have a complex relationship with their environment. The Mundas and the Santhal of Chhota Nagpur region worship Mahua and Kadamba trees; the tribals of Orissa and Bihar worship the tamarind and mango trees. Similarly, the Bishnois of Rajasthan hold the antelopes in high reverence. For these communities, particular flora and fauna are integral to their identity, so they take a number of steps to protect the same. Villagers around the Sariska Reserve have opposed mining activities in the region as these activities endanger wildlife. Villagers in the Alwar district of Rajasthan have banned hunting and lumbering activities in a 1200 hectare area they have marked as Bhairodev Dakav ‘Sonchuri’. Such activities have helped preserve patches of virgin forest land.
(ii) Good practices towards conserving forest and wildlife are plenty. Nowadays, many non-governmental organisations are working towards creating public awareness for conserving depleting forest cover and vanishing wildlife. Central and state governments in India have set up national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to protect forests and endangered species in wildlife. A recently developing practice towards conservation is the search for different conservation measures. Biodiversity is the new by-word of good practices towards conserving forest and wildlife. Various communities, especially in tribal areas, who are dependent on forests for their living are now taking an active...


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