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Gay Marriage 3

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Recently, several psychological studies have shown that an increase in exposure to negative conversations and media messages about same-sex marriage creates a harmful environment for the LGBT population that may affect their health and well-being.
In 2010, a Mailman School of Public Health study examining the effects of institutional discrimination on the psychiatric health of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) individuals found an increase in psychiatric disorders, including a more than doubling of anxiety disorders, among the LGB population living in states that instituted bans on same-sex marriage. According to the author the study highlighted the importance of abolishing institutional forms of discrimination, including those leading to disparities in the mental health and well-being of LGB individuals. Institutional discrimination is characterized by societal-level conditions that limit the opportunities and access to resources by socially disadvantaged groups
Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage) is a legally or socially recognized marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender. The conflicts arise over whether same-sex couples should be allowed to enter into marriage.
The oppose argument of gay marriage are:
1. Marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. Gay and lesbians already possess rights equally protected under the law. They can marry a member of the opposite sex.
2. Same-sex couples aren't the optimum environment in which to raise children.
3. Gay relationships are immoral and violate the sacred institution of marriage.
4. It offends everything religion stands for.
There has never been any fixed, traditional definition of marriage. The idea of marriage is constantly changing according to the changing needs of society. The world we live in today is very different from the world of a hundred or fifty years ago and our institutions must be altered to reflect these changes. There is no evidence to...


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