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A Garden After Rain

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A Garden after Rain
                                      The rain was falling on the roof of my house.The sound was like someone playing soft music on my roof and a incredible scenery was outside.The drops of the rain falling over my charming flowers and plants all this made me feel like going inside a           winsome dream.
The garden after rain was prodigious.I couldn’t move my eyes from my garden.All my flowers and plants were charming in beauty,as if the rain made my flowers more elegant and it made my plants more stunning.The pond on the leftside of my garden was looking like pearls shining.I felt as if I am sseing a wonderful picture.
My garden was full of sweet smell of the freshly bloomed flowers.I could hear the sound of the Bees buzzing and see the colourful butterflies flying.What a sight it was!the bees were sucking honey from the flowers and the butterflies were moving here and there.All this made my garden a picture without any fault as if God made it with his own hands as it was complete faultless.
This garden after rain was the most conspicuous thing I had ever seen.I never thought that Rain could make my garden so spectacular.It was unbelievable for me.My flowers red,yellow,pink were coveredd in dew.My grasses were thick and cold.My trees were full of juicy Fruits.This was just like a beautiful Dream of the nature.


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  1. A garden after rain
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