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Israels History and Deliverer

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Israel’s History and Deliverance
The Book of Joshua
This book can be divided into two sections, that of conquering the land and the settlement of the land. In the conquest of Canaan they prepare to take the promised land that was a gift from God. They found what they had to do to possess it. Joshua was commissioned to lead the people and he commanded them to enter into the land. Instructions to the Gadites, Reubenites, and Manasseh were given as the people accepted Joshua as their leader. They prepared to take the promised land by sending two spies to Jericho. They reported back after an agreement with Rahab. They crossed over on dry land and two memorials were built consisting of 12 stones each. The males were then circumcised and the Passover was observed. The manna then ceased and the Captain of the Lord’s host appears to Joshua.
Battles began in the taking of the promised land and there was a victory at Jericho and defeat at Ai. The sin and punishment of Achon shortly followed with a victory at the second battle of Ai. In the South the King of Canaan joined forces to fight Israel. The Gibeonites deceived Israel into making a league with them and five Kings of the Amorites threatened war with Gibeon. They then call for help from Israel and the five Kings are defeated the day the sun stood still.
The division of the land took place next and the Levites were given only cities to live in. The land was divided up and the remaining seven tribes were given a division by lots. Six cities were given as a refuge, Gad, Rueben, and Manassah   were sent to their inheritance. Two and a half tribes built an alter and the sacrifice procedures were given. The law was written in a book and a memorial stone was set up. Joshua died along with Eleazar the high priest.

The Book of Judges
We can think of the tribes as cities separated by distance with a central place of worship. In the beginning Judah and Simeon defeat the Canaanites in their territories. They allowed their...


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