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The Importance of Education in Our Society

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Education is very important in our society. In order to become a productive citizen it is essential
to have some type of education. Education goes beyond the typical idea of Math, Science,
English, History, etc. Education is learning values, morals, discipline, citizenship, survival skills,
trust, friendship, and much more. The idea of education has changed tremendously over time and
especially in the last few years. Education is not what it used to be and has shown to increase in
disheartening disappointment and the idea of failure. In the following piece I will discuss my
beliefs and values on education. I will also explain why my beliefs and ideas have been
transformed since I have been participating in credential courses. Finally I will share the goals I
have set for professional growth in my career as an engineer and how I plan to reach these goals.

Before I had the opportunity to take courses on engineering, I never fully grasped the
importance of education and the gaps that we have in our system. My first impression of
engineering, from an undergrad point of view, was just to study and get the work done.
Education, in my mind, was about books, studying, and mastering the subject. I never paid much
attention to the many other factors that make up education. My values and beliefs on education
dramatically changed. Education was no longer just about books and passing the next test.
Education turned into social environments, personal growth, coping mechanisms, learning
discipline, special education obstacles, second language learning, standardized testing, politics,
money, hypocrisy, and impossible expectations. My simple point of view of education was
immediately thrown into the whirlwind of reality.

Many of my beliefs and values are backed up by what I have learned in my credential
classes. Many of my criticisms were formed by the inconsistency I saw from textbook ideals and...


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