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“the Most Effective Way for Managers to Assign Work Is to Divide Complex Tasks Into Their Simpler Component Parts. This Way, Each Worker Completes a Small Portion of the Task but Contributed to the Whole.”

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“The most effective way for managers to assign work is to divide complex tasks into their simpler component parts. This way, each worker completes a small portion of the task but contributed to the whole.”
The modern world is turning into complexity day by day and the concept of single job and an individual is becoming rare. I agree with the above opinion that most effective way for managers to assign difficult work is to divide complex tasks into their simpler component parts. In the business world it is called assembly job where a single job required from two to hundreds of people.
The concept of job (labor) specialization was first analyzed by the economist Adam Smith in 1776. The concept was key to the mass production industry and late the founder of the Ford Company practically introduced the assembly line in his motor company to assemble the motor parts. The new strategies not only make the complex job simple but also reduced the labor cost and time to produce the product. If we analyze the concept, we can see thousands of examples around our natural environment. For an example, there are thousands of ants working together to make an ant mountain. These ants finish making the mountain within a short period of time but if only one ant had attempted to finish making the mountain than it would take it many days may be its life spam may not be enough to make a single mountain.
Furthermore, the modern business and manufacturing world is making progress on the concept of labor division. For another example, Apple has been introducing is a revolutionary and very popular item and invention never stops there in the company. However, the secrete is that there are thousands of engineers working in one single job. They do their parts of job and complete   the product. The labor division not only limited in one company and one nation but it also spread all over the world. The creativity of thousands of people help to produce one single product. It is an example of job...


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