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Is Attending a Live Performance More Enjoyable Than Watching the Same Event on Television?

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When coming into contrast between attending a live performance and watching it on the television, some prople may prefer to watching TV because of some obvious advantages. Some may think about the choice again and tend to pick up the alternate plan. Why are people appealed by different choices? Now I'd like to explain both of them.
People who are prefer to sit in the sofa watching TV performance could hold following reasons. First, it is more expensive to attending a live performance because the tickets are often expensive and hard to get. Second, just staying at home, biting popcorns, talking and laughing together with family members are such a sweet moment that you can't miss. Instead of surrounding by overcrowd people in the museum or some hall, watching TV on the same performance is indeed more convenient and comfortable.
On the contrary, another bunch of people may prefer to attend a live show. Three main factors are worth to mention.
First and most important, according to research, people are more likely to be moved under the condition that they are surrounding by a lot of people. That dose make some sense. Think about it, you have oceans of people watching the same event with you, and they feels the same way you do. No matter what mood the performance would provide to you, with so many people feeling the same way, you tend to be more involved and get more easily to be moved than just watching the television.
Another reason lies in that attending a live show is more impressive because you can see all those famous stars by your naked eyes. Isn't it exciting to see your favourite star without the passage of television? I used to attend a movie star's show, it is fascinating that I finally get a chance to see him out of televison! It's like a dream come true.
Last but not least, it is definitely more memorable to attend a live performence. Several years past when you take a look at your past, I bet you still remenber every moment that occurs to you when you...


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