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“It is better to invest money into preventative healthcare rather than curative medicine”.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

“Prevention is better than cure”, a quote which acknowledges people to be aware of anything before it goes wrong. We should be conscious about things we do and avoid from getting into trouble. In this essay, I will first talk about the importance of prevention in healthcare and then move on to the problems that can result if there is no curative medicine.

As nobody wants to have a bad health, a big effort around the world is made in order to minimize the bad health issues. For instance, lots of traffic lights and CCTV have been implemented in roads to lessen number of accidents. Obviously, these infrastructures require a big amount of money investment but it is a positive action functioned to have a preventative healthcare. This sort of preventative action has saved many people from road accidents.

It is true that no one can predict the future. Even though plenty of preventative methods are applied, things keep going wrong. For example, everyone around the world is educated to be good but some people tend to violate the rules. This is why curative methods such as, prison is made in order to suppress such activities. People become affected by disease due of various reasons which means that there should be some solution to recover them. Therefore, curative medicine could prove to be very important.

To the certain extent, preventative methods are more healthy way of protection people’s life. But without curative medicine many people would be suffering form different diseases today. In my opinion, both preventative healthcare and curative medicine should be practiced in balance.


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