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Steroids 2

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Imagine it; A world where baseball star Albert Pujols hits ninety homeruns a year; Where hockey phenom Alex Ovechkin dishes out bone crushing hits, and proceeds by flying down the ice and firing a shot past the goalie; Where tennis great Andy Roddick serves one hundred seventy MPH; Where football superstar Chris Johnson constantly runs over guys in the open field; Where basketball super star LeBron James consistently throws down jams over his opponents; Where golf legend Tiger Woods drives the ball over three hundred fifty yards. Would this world of sports not be more exciting than what we watch today? Well, this more exciting world is a possibility. All that is needed is the legalization of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs)
With the economy in the toilet, one of the first things people cut back on is unnecessary entertainment, like sporting events. As arenas are turning out record low attendance ratings, General Managers are trying everything to bring in more fans. Yet the easiest way to do this is to make the excitement too much to resist. PEDs would do this in a heartbeat by making the incredible feats athletes already achieve, even more outrageous.
But legalizing PEDs is a tough road. Just the word steroids has as negative a connotation as a word can have. However, this connotation is extremely unfair. Upon hearing the word nobody ever thinks of people who physically need steroids to survive because they are not healthy enough, or
how they have helped patients to defeat cancer, but instead immediately think about cheating, immorality, and the worst of all, health risks ranging from tiny testicles to roid rage to heart attacks to stroke (Vitamins Supplement Guide). Steroids automatically make one think of images such as the image in Figure 1.   And people automatically accept this image even though it is clear that the image has been digitally altered. However, if they had looked a little harder they may have found that those on steroids look a little...


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