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"I Am the Greatest Man" a Critique on the Story of Individualism

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People: Your selfish economic goals were one of the factors which are responsible
                for the invasion of Iraq. Why did not you care about others?
Halliburton Co.: We intend to secure just our own interests.
People: You have started the new scramble for Africa. This modern imperialism
                will be more malign than old colonialism. Why do not you have a soft  
                corner for the Africans?
Big Powers: We adhere to the philosophy of Social Darwinism.
People: You always remain conspiring for the opening of new fronts in the
                Middle East and Central Asia just for the sake of increase in your sale.
                Why are you so selfish and cruel?
Military Industrial Complex (USA): Oh! This is what laissez-faire capitalism all about.
People: A fierce civil war has erupted in your country and hundreds of people have died
              already. Your people do not want you any more. International Law requires you
              to resign. Why do not you abdicate?
Colonel Gaddafi: I do not care about International Law. I follow my own rules.

          Halliburton Co., Big Powers, Military Industrial Complex (USA) and Colonel Gaddafi are individualism personified and the reasons which they propagate as the justifications for their heinous offences are basically the different proportions of individualism. These dimensions of individualism, along with others, are the ideas that have harmed mankind.
          Individualism is one of the most prevalent features of post-modernist culture. Individualism is essentially dissociation of the ‘free’ individual from the matrix of social relations and norms that in fact make agency, freedom and even self-consciousness possible. It claims that individual persons can be and must be understood apart from linguistic, moral, legal and social factors that shape their natures. According to Elwood Johnson,...


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