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It is being argued that whethwer the government should focus its budget more on very young childrens education than on universities. Different people hod different ideas. Child is the foundaton of the countery. This was said by the chinese greatest   philospher confusuous . Some people argue people should foucus more budget on universities. However, I disagree with this idea because of the reasons as follow.
To begin with, university is a place where teacher professional knowledge and skills such as how to operate a telescope and how to make good use of a software., but it does not means that young children education would take the second place, In china , nearly 5 million and five hundred childdren can’t afford their primary school tuitions in 2010. As all we know, early education is something that help people have not any problems in making a living. In early education, we know how to do the basic caculations and how to make public speech. A nation could exist without top professors and leaders but the country could not survive without shop e strewee rclerks , farmers, or clean man on the streets. All this occupations need people who receive basic education.
On the other hand, it is in the early education rather than elite eduction that get socilization ability. When we are a baby, no one know how we behave in the school. It is through unavoidble competition in the class discussion, our casual chat with our friend as well as the frenqutely occurance confliicts with our friends that we concious or unconsciously aquire the ability of socilization.   All these processes are finished before we are mature enough to attend the college. Children’s socilization ability determine the country’s future. It will be too high price if the government fail to pay more attention on yong children.
Finally, universities usually do not rely too much on nation’ fiance, There are many graduates donated their money to their universites, yet without a government support, a nation’s...


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