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I Need to Be Messanger of Peace

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Throughout time, people and nations have tried to solve problems by force. Did these people know the tender touch of love? Were they treated with love? What about their families? I often wonder what they were like. Were they poor? Were they wealthy? Did they have troubled childhoods? Did anyone ever ask these questions, or were the troublemakers just assumed to be bad and then forgotten?
We need to work together to nurture the soul of each individual and spread the message of peace, understanding, and love. The world cannot exist without these. We should cherish each other and help regenerate the world with care and kindness instead of war and destruction. Albert Pine said it beautifully: "What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and to the world remain and is immortal."
I thought I had to be involved with something really big to make a difference and spread peace. I believe that I have the ability to create peace on earth every day with every person I come in contact with. Sometimes just a smile can bring peace to someone.

Staying out of the gossip at school, listening to someone who needs to talk, doing what I can to help those around me.

I may not be able to bring peace to the whole world, but I can work on bringing peace to my little corner of it.

Remove any obstacle I find on the path . I may prevent someone from falling over it and prevent injury! A large stone on a pathway, or a broken stick or a broken glass may be obvious to us, but someone with impaired sight may not see them.

Peace and love are both connected. I have a friend in another country, and she is really a blessing to me. So maybe we need to love all nationalities and countries

As time goes on, my respect and love for the planet has grown a thousand-fold. Rather than feeling like a victim of policies and politicians, I choose to remain an active positive force in helping to heal our Mother Earth by getting involved and sharing how we can all make a...


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