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Idiots Guide to Smoke Bombs

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Idiots guide to smoke bombs

If you’re into pyrotechnics or chemistry, a fun thing to do every now and then is to construct a smoke bomb.   The recipe calls for mostly household items and is fairly simple to make.   After all the steps are completed you will have a smoke grenade or bomb that puts out a heavy cloud of smoke, similar to commercial ones, only cheaper.   Colored organic dye can also be added to give the smoke color.   There are four main steps in the process.
The first step is to gather all the materials you will need.   The three main ingredients are potassium nitrate, sugar, and baking soda.   You will also need a heat source, frying pan, an empty toilet paper roll, duct tape, a couple cotton swabs, and some sort of fuse.   Potassium nitrate, otherwise known as saltpeter, is a highly flammable powder and is one of the three main ingredients in gunpowder.   It is used in meat preservative, stump remover, and fertilizer.   The easiest thing to buy with almost 85% potassium nitrate is stump remover.   This can be found at local garden stores or home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot.   It is typically around $7.00 for 16 ounces.   One container usually makes quite a few decent size grenades.   This Potassium nitrate will serves as an oxidizer for the reaction giving it air so it can react more violently.   Sugar is typically a household item and is the primary “fuel to the fire.”   Baking soda isn’t required in the recipe but is recommended.   It will restrict how aggressive the reaction is but it will make the grenade last longer.   For the heat source it is a good idea to use a grill or electric hotplate.   Each will work but it’s important to use it outside in case something accidently catches fire.   If a fuse cannot be bought or found you have the option to make one using the saltpeter and a strip of paper towel.   Take a teaspoon potassium of nitrate and sprinkle it along the paper towel strip length wise.   Then roll the towel up and twist the ends...


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