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The Advantages of Watching Carton

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I am writing to share my opinions on watching cartoons. In my opinion, I think watching the cartoons have some advantages. They are worth watching.
Nowadays, many people know the cartoons exist. Besides, we are also familiar with them. They have affected our daily life. Not only the children but also the adults like to watch them.
Some people may think watching cartoons is bad for students. The reason is that most cartoons contain too much violent scenes. I think this is not true. As we know, many cartoons still have a good effect on the students’ life. Some cartoons just include the love between people. Sometimes they are also very touching. On the other hand, a lot of cartoons encourage people not to give up their dreams. It was based on some real incidents around our life. That’s very educational. Then some cartoons are very interesting and amazing. They always just make fun for us. They also give us a chance to laugh freely. So they can make us relax and reduce our pressure in studies.
Moreover, I think the cartoon makers have the responsibilities to make sure the cartoons not to include violent scenes. So if our government make some rules to present the cartoons from involving violent scenes, everything will be fine. It can improve the cartoons’ level and the parents will allow the students to watch them more.
Therefore each coin has two sides. We cannot deny the advantages of watching cartoons. We should learn to understand the meaning of the cartoons. Parents can also ask the students not to watch violent cartoons.
Last but not the least, I think watching the cartoons is good for students. It is worth watching to learn the meaning of the life.


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