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Reasons for Federation

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In the 20th century many australian citizens believed that australia must remain a white mans country. An immigration restriction act was introduced so that australia could mantain a white country. Coloured and Asian immigrations were greatly restricted.

One of the reasons for the immigration restriction act was the growing problem of cheap labor. Jobs were scarce during the depression and it was well known that Asian and pacific island workers would work for far les than the white workers. White men were worried about this because it meant that they too, would have to work for little money and they would struggle to pay for their families needs. Australia could only remain the workers paridise if cheap coloured labor was excluded.

Australia had a long history of bad relations between whites and non – whites, this fed the desire to keep australia a white country. Asians were accused of introducing dens, gambling centres and brothels. No white girls were safe in areas populated by chinese miners according to the whites. There had also been a long history of discrimination towards and violence against aboriginals.

Another reason for the immigration restriction act was simply fear. The whites were worried about coloured immigrants 'contaminating' the purity of the whites with inter-racial marriages. The whites feared alien religions and generally feared the unknown.

The most important reason for the introduction of the immigration restriction act was racial attitudes. It was taken for granted that non-whites were racially inferior. The white Europeans were said to be richer, stronger and technically and economically more advanced therefore more superior.


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