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Spiritualism is a monotheistic belief system or religion, postulating a belief in God but not an anthropomorphic one.[citation needed] A distinguishing feature is the belief that spirits of the dead residing in the spirit world have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. Anyone may receive spirit messages, but formal communication sessions (séances) are held by "mediums", who can then provide information about the afterlife.[1]

Spiritualism developed and reached its peak growth in membership from the 1840s to the 1920s, especially in English-language countries,[2][3] By 1897, it was said to have more than eight million followers in the United States and Europe,[4] mostly drawn from the middle and upper classes, while the corresponding movement in continental Europe and Latin America is known as Spiritism.

The religion flourished for a half century without canonical texts or formal organization, attaining cohesion through periodicals, tours by trance lecturers, camp meetings, and the missionary activities of accomplished mediums. Many prominent Spiritualists were women. Most followers supported causes such as the abolition of slavery and women's suffrage.[2] By the late 1880s the credibility of the informal movement had weakened due to accusations of fraud being perpetrated by mediums, and formal Spiritualist organizations began to appear.[2] Spiritualism is currently practiced primarily through various denominational Spiritualist Churches in the United States and United Kingdom.

Although various Spiritualist traditions have their own beliefs, known as Principles, there are some shared concepts:

    A belief in spirit communication.
    A belief that the soul continues to exist after the death of the physical body.
    Personal responsibility for life circumstances.
    Even after death it is possible for the soul to learn and improve
    A belief in a God, often referred to as "Infinite Intelligence".


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