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Female- a Vision to Ponder over!

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Female is an inevitable element of any society. The era of any civilization lies in the hands of a female, who can act as a creator and also a destroyer because it is well said that the hands that rocks the cradle rules the world, i.e indeed a female- a mother. But in this generation where there are women who have reached till moon there are stil some cases pevailing in India where female are killed and considered as a burden for the family. The female foeticide is the most embrassing and a dark side of the developing society which has kept the world to ponder over the cases and make some strong resolutions to put this crime at an end.
                    Female is in all: daughter, friend, mother, the doer and an inevitability of the family. Its a high tide now where government as well as small towns should take some strict actions against this crime. One side where many people devote females as goddess and the other side where there are abundance of cases of "Dudhpiti". There are some reasons behind this killing due to unneccessary customs of "Dahej" in Indian tradition that poor parents have to act so. But by making people understand the need of female in today's society and also the decreasing number of female in India specially a new era of changing the way of thinking and making coutnry rich on basis of women empowerment. The base of successful ladder of any son, husband, or father lies with the care and handling of a female. Its the female(womb) from where a life starts and (mother earth)where a life ends in. Female is indeed a Friend foever with a male may be in the form of friend, mother and so on. Thus the female foeticide and decreasing ratio of female in India is a serious threat for the empowerment of the country.
                      At the end, One should   be careful, helpful, kindful, respectful, thankful towards female and fight for the female foeiticide. Female is the all in one power of the existence of life on earth.


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