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Revolutionary America

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Revolutionary America

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Revolutionary America
The French and Indian War of 1756-1763 was a major event that shaped the history of the United States. It was before, during and after the war that tensions arose between the Britain and her colonies in America, precipitating the American Revolution and eventually, independence (Anderson, 2006). Measures taken during the war changed the attitude of colonists which although initially creating a division of opinion within the colonial population, eventually led to their unity in declaration of independence. This paper addresses some of the events from before the seven years war to the American Revolution.
Changes Occasioned by the French and Indian War
At the beginning of the war, Britain considered the North American colonies as its investment. It therefore supported their security and other needs while benefitting from the raw materials and markets provided.   The colonists on their part considered themselves to be subjects of the English Monarchy. During the war however, there was a change in the attitudes of the colonists. During the war, American colonists realized that they could be independent. They were also displeased by British policies at the time (Jenkins, 2007).   Bailyn (1992) explains that the British government decided to take up mercantilism, a philosophy in which a state was considered to be powerful basing on the amount of wealth that it possessed. It adopted oppressive policies especially relating to trade and taxation. The colonists also increasingly adopted liberalism that advocated for the granting of basic rights to all people.
      After the war, the British government mostly considered the colonists as a burden to the British economy. Parliament wanted to make them help in paying for the resources that Britain had spent in defending them during the War. There was also dissatisfaction among the British with the extent...


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