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Organizational Structure

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Introduction-Hotel industry is the largest consumer of the energy not only in building construction but also as establishment with complex installation. Environmental issue are getting important for the hotel industry because environment is getting polluted by hotel industry and government taking strict step to save the environment. Energy saving is important in another two way ,first it will help you to save money and increase the revenue of the hotel industry and second it is very helpful for saving the energy for environment because there are different types of   energy some are renewable and others are non renewable energy. Enhancing environment performance also is a method of differentiating a hotel and forward thinking hoteliers can successfully use this competitive advantage and increase revenues. It enables them to generate additional positive publicity and engage with existing and new target customer. Having en effective environment management system in place is becoming crucial for the hotel seeking to win and many of whom will screen supplier for proof of environment policies and performance. More Eco-friendly vacation is becoming the first choice of the consumer, carbon friendly resorts and hotels, the tourism industry is responding with energy efficient.
In this assignment I have been asked to   investigate that innovation being made to reduce the level of the energy consumption as well as reduces the green house gases and provide free energy to hotel industry. There are   different type of method used by the hotel industry to save energy. In addition we will also investigate how should be the structure and design of the hotel so that it can save more energy and it can be more eco-friendly .

  (1) How energy consumption can be reduced by the accommodation manager at operational level

Structure and design of hotel can help to reduce the energy consumption and increase tourism.

The international hospitality business:
management and operations...


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