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The Vampire Prince

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Title: The Vampire Prince   Author: Darren Shan
The story continues as Darren, a half-human and half-vampire, was falling off a huge waterfall after the fleeing the judgments of the vampire princes’ (the leaders of the vampire clan) in the ‘trials of death’, which he attempted to pass in order to win the acknowledgement of all the other vampires.
In order to save himself and the fellow vampires, Darren must make his way back to the vampire mountain and inform the vampire princes of Kurda Smahlt’s treachery. Kurda betrayed the vampire clan and hid a number of vampaneze (enemies of the vampire clan) in the mountain. He planned to take the Stone of blood and gain control over the vampires, but Darren managed to notify the vampire princes of his betrayal before he succeeded.
The vampires and the vampaneze had a blood-spattered fight, and in exchange of a many deaths of the vampire clan, the vampaneze were killed on the spot. Kurda was executed in the goriest way possible. On the other hand, Darren, who was bounded for execution for fleeing the judgments, was made the youngest vampire prince in history.
I am very fond of Darren, the main character of the story. Through each event, whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, important or unimportant, readers can clearly see Darren’s willingness to protect the ones he held close. For instance, when Darren had the full opportunity to leave the vampire mountain, he returned for the sake of Mr. Crepsley and the other vampires who he did not even recognize. The consequence of this choice of action would be, without doubt, death. Nonetheless, Darren did not hesitate. He was determined to save the whole vampire clan, even though that meant he had to risk his own life.
I like this book very much due to the story and the pictures. So, I will borrow Darren Shan’s book because I want to read many books like this one.

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