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Me Versus the English Language

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Me vs. The English Language
One event that has changed my life is moving to a new country. I believe that it was a positive change because it allowed me to have more opportunities and meet all kinds of great people. At first I was confused. Having to learn a new language to live in society is HARD. Believe me. When I first moved my whole world turned upside down. The only thing that I could do is conform to the customs of American people. Learning English is a tricky business. There is such a large pool of words to describe things that you just didn’t know how to use them.   I recall going to my first day of school in America. It was quite a scary day, but I was ready for school. At first I was so confused I had no idea what anyone said. The only teacher that spoke Spanish was Miss Blanch. This woman was MEAN. She held my butt back for not “ knowing the language.” I hope she knows I’m smart as heck now. Anyway, as the day dragged on I lost my big blue folder. This folder had everything that I needed to get around in case I got lost or I couldn’t communicate with others. So when you’re 8 years old, not knowing how to speak the language in a place you have never been before, it is freaking scary. At the time I did what any civilized 8 year old in trouble would do. I cried. Yea it was embarrassing crying and trying to communicate. The highlight of my day/life was when my soon to be Mexican bud Peter was sitting next to me. I asked him in Spanish in a sobering tone, “ Como se dice folder azul?” ( how do you say blue folder?). This is what this genius tells me, “ Yo no se” (idk). Long story short the thing was under my desk the whole time, but I learned what a blue folder was, a skillful ability I would use in   later in life, sort of. Neither the less, before I knew it I could speak English really well. I couldn’t believe it when I could communicate so well. I could talk with the best of them and at one point I realized that I could speak even better than most...


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