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Pakistan China Relationship

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Geostrategic Significance of Pakistan

The strategic position is concerned with the impact on strategy of the external environment, internal resources and competences, and the expectations and influence of stakeholders. Together, a consideration of the environment, strategic capability, the expectations and the purposes within the cultural and political framework provides a basis for understanding the strategic position of country.
Pakistan is located at a region, which has a significant economic, political and strategic location. It had been acting as a focal point for the great economic powers for the last 20 odd years i-e United States, Great Britain and Russia. Its importance was further enhanced during cold war when it became ally of US with regards to the policy of containment of USSR. Post war era has witnessed its significance particularly after the event of 9/11.
Pakistan geographical location:
Pakistan lies between 33.40 northern latitude and 73.10 eastern longitude, with an area of 796,000 sq.km. Towards north lies china apart from Kashmir sharing 400 km border. Towards Tajikistan although there is no proper border but a narrow strip wakhan strip separate the two. Towards east lies India sharing 1650 km border, in west sharing 2250 km with Afghanistan, and south ending up with Arabian Indian Sea, with the coastal line stretching up to 700 km. Pakistan significance becomes twofold as it lies near the Persian gulf where nearly 65% of world oil is produced.
Strategic Significance:
  1. Proximity to great Powers:
Pakistan is located at the junction of great powers like Russia and emerging super power China. Any alliance with any one of powers enhances its importance. This factor has been utilized by Greenland (Pakistan) after 9/11.security and business are two main interests of US in the region, with Pakistan playing an important role as a front state ally against the so called war on terror. Apart from this US is striding to contain...


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