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More and More People Are Spending Money on Their Pets, Even Thought There Can Be Other Good Ways to Spend Money.

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It is personal right to distribute their own money, so different people have different opinions about good ways to spend money. For instance, some people prefer to entertainment items, such as travelling, enjoying delicious food; while others prefer to contribute money to those charity activities, such as donating money to people who are in difficulties. In my opinion, we can understand those people, who spend money on pets; for they have the rights and they must have their own reasons.

Pets are good friends of human beings and usually bring happiness to us. In general, people, who spend money on pets, enjoy the process to bring up a pet, whatever it is, a doggy or a kitten or some other small animals. I still remember that several years ago, when my mum took two little turtles home and told me that they were two new members of our family, I was so excited. From then on, I cleaned their jar, fed them and cared about their growing everyday as if I was their mother. Though I spent a lot of my pocket money on them to buy the fresh shrimp and other necessaries for them, I was enjoying the days with them. The happiness and sense of satisfaction from raising pets far overcame the money I spent on them. Moreover, the importance of pets is much more remarkable to some people, who live alone, especially those old people without children. Under these circumstances, the pets are not only pets; they are more likely to be companions to people, in mentally. The scene that a loyal dog accompanies an old man to the end always seems toughing. Therefore, even though it is usually not a small amount of money to raise pets, more and more people are willing to pay for this in order to achieve the sense of warm, safety or some others.

Furthermore, people spending money on pets can be a mutually beneficial to both human beings and animals. The more people care about pets, the more those little animals can gain their equal rights to live. In other word, the harmonious atmosphere to...


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