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TY'~6y- ~


t e.cn
(3 Hours)


I.B.: (1) (2) (3) (4)

f'le-c.t-roV" c ct e\J tte.



l. d~ts


[Total Marks: 100

Question No.1 is compulsory. Attempt any four questions out of remaining six questions. Assume suitable data if necessary. Figures to right indicate full marks.

(a) (b)

Answer any Four: State and ExplainBarkhausen's criterion for Oscillators. Draw the circuit diagram of Dual input Balanced output Differentialamplifier and write formulae for
Adl ACICMRR, Rinand Ro.


(c) (d) (e) 2. (a)

Ust down the ideal characteristics of OPAMP. Draw the Pin Diagram of IC555, neatly identifying name of each pin and Explain the use of pin no. 5.

Draw the neat labeled Diagram of R-2R type DAC.
With the help of neat labeled circuit diagram, Explain the working of Practical Integrator . Also Explainits advantages over a simple Integrator.



Draw and Explain the working of a Square and Triangular Wave Generator using OPAMP. Design a Wein Bridge Oscillator for a frequency of 1000 Hz. Explain using an OPAMP the operation of a wein Bridge

10 5 5 10 10 10

3. (a) (b)

Oscillator.(No Derivation).



Explain the working of a Non Inverting Adder using OPAMP.

4. (a)

Design an Astable multivibrator using IC555 for fo 5KHz
and duty cycle of 75%. Draw and Explain Successive Approximation Register type ADC.

5. (a)

Draw and Explainthe circuit diagram of First Order .ButterworthLowPass Filter.
Design a First Order Low Pass Filter for cut-off frequency of 1KHz and Pass band gain of 10.





Con. 3004~AN.2566.1 O.


6. (a)

Explainthe working of IC723 as a Low Voltage Regulator

10 10

Fora CEamplifierwith Bypass capacitor,Ri = 100KO,
R2=10kO, Rc=2.2kO,RE=6800,Vcc= +16V, VBE=06V,f3=200,

re=250,RL =50KO.Determine:
" --

DCbias point(VcEQ ICQ), and Current Gain(lo/lin), Output...


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