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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People who have learned many different skills are more likely to succeed than those who focus on learning only one skill.

Today’s society is more diversified than ever before, so comprehensive talents are much favored. Therefore, those who only specialize in one area are not as much likely to succeed as people who have acquired many disparate skills.

First of all, nowadays, many jobs are calling for employees with multi-skills. Hence, people who learn a lot and have a good command of various skills will be offered with more opportunities to achieve success. For example, my sister majored in business management at college. Although she was a top student, she still had difficulty in seeking employment after graduation, because most companies favored people with general knowledge. So she was overshadowed by those preeminent competitors who were at least proficient in two skills, such as business and design. Accordingly, people with only specific knowledge in a certain area really pale in comparison and lose many chances to succeed when they compete with comprehensive talents.

Beyond that, we can deal with unexpected obstacles on our way to success with ease if we obtain different skills, because the more skills we learn, the larger knowledge back-up we will have to solve problems. For instance, once in Paris, I got lost on my way to the convention center to sign a contract. Fortunately, as I have briefly touched French course, I could communicate with local dwellers. At last, I found the center and my business went smoothly. Thus, different skills enable us to handle abrupt accidents with calm and assure the success.

Finally, learning a wide range of skills can help us make more friends, and these friends may become a decisive factor of success. Take my friends Lee as an example. She was an economics major in college and decided to study architecture in the graduate school. There she met...


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