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The Fourth of July

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After finishing reading the essay of the Fourth of July, I also feel sad just as the author experienced during her trip to Washington. She has suffered a great deal of unfair things in her destined city for her color which made her have a bad mood. As far as I am concerned, I think no one is more significance than fair and justice.
Firstly, unfair will bring unhappiness to people. The author, who was supposed to stop being a child, has taken a trip to Washington as a graduation present with her family. Undoubtedly, she has expected a lot from this trip. She may have imagined that she may make some new friends in this famous city or meet some kind people there and so forth. However, the reality is totally opposite. She even can not eat in a dining car or in a restaurant due to her color. I can wholly understand her feeling at this time since these rights were supposed to be owned by every person. But, even these basic rights they can not receive. How sad they should be as black people. Their encounter reminds me of some unfair things throughout my life, I really feel sad. I clearly remember, two years ago when I was in BeiJing for travel, I lived in a hotel owned by a local person. The boss cheated me and charged me more than he deserve. However, the reason is that I am not a local person. These unfair have strongly affected my mood for travel in Beijing where it is my dream at the beginning.

Secondly, unfair will block the development of the entire society. We can no denying the importance of fair in a company. When a lazy worker gets higher salary than a diligent one, who will be keen on working? In this case, it will be difficult for the company to fulfill its purpose because no person will want to try their best to achieve the goal. In contrast, if the company rewards those who work hard and make contribution to the company, at the same time, punish those who are lazy, I am sure the company can get rid of difficulty and put it in an...


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