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It is all due to the inability of the human brain that I am writing this thing. Is human brain the ultimate thing that’s available for us to utilize? I know, most of you will nod your head and say a ‘yes’. Wait. Let’s think about it. Between why this post named complexity!! Think again.
Actually this all derived from me reading an article named ‘Confounded by complexity’ in Digit’s 10th anniversary issue. It was about the complexity of the problems that we have to handle in the future and the usage of AI. You know what AI is? It stands for Artificial Intelligence - Teaching a system to behave like human brain. Yeah! People are training systems to behave like human brain. I often wonder, why won’t they do the just opposite? Train the brain. Increase its efficiency.
When you are asked to multiply 8823426 by 145465756, what will you do? Looking for your calculator? Huh? Actually, there is an algorithm associated with everything. With algorithm comes the term ‘complexity’. I thought the above problem was complex enough for human brain. Enough? Is it an asymptotic notation? So what does that ‘enough’ mean?
So, let’s look into the enough part. I don’t think that anyone reading this article will be able to find out the product of the above two numbers without use of a calculator. Now, what’s time travel? Is that possible?   What the hell is time travel doing in here?
What the hell? Is the word complexity worth all this complexity?


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