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Computer Basic

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Importance of Computer :-
Computer is a wonderful machine. You can write a letter, draw a picture, keep records, to give a presentation, to play games, most of the firms & industries work with computers. Computers help the man to reduce his work and time.

What is a Computer ? Definiation of computer ?
It is an electronic Machine. Which takes the raw data, process the raw data & gives the meaning full out put.
In other words It is an electronic Machine. In which numbers can be multiplied, add, subtract, divide and do unlimited mathematical calculations and logical work in a speedy way.

Who is the Father of Computer ?
Charles Babbage

History of computers :-

1. Abacus :- it is the first mathematical machine. In olden days the people use to count the sheep’s batch by batch. Later on the use the method of marking lines         on the trees. After sometime the lines became numbers . To make speedy calculations the human invented Abacus. It is used only for addition only.

2. Slide Rule:- Slide Rule was invented by William howtard in the year 1620. This is a scale like device. It contains 2 scales in it and numbers on it. Multiplication and division are the 2 work done by the slide rule.

3. Blasie Pascal’s Arthimetic Machine :- It is invented by a French man Blasie Pascal who is a mathematician. It contain 10 gear wheels which is helpful to make calculations, it works as a meter in scooter.

4. Punched Cards :- This method is helpful in the development of Computer. Joseph Jackvard a French cloth industrialist found it. Used this method in weaving of clothes. Then Dr.hermen Holerith developed this system. In the year 1880’s census work done in America. The total time taken to do this work is 7½ years. But Dr.hermen Holerith used this Punched Cards and sorting machines to do this work and he completed in 3 years.

5. Babbage’s Analytical Engine :- Charles Babbage found the first computer. computer is also called Babbage’s Analytical Engine. It do...


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