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Addy knelt on the floor of her fifth floor bedroom with thirteen pages of chemistry notes strategically placed in front of her. Her chemistry book was propped open to the beginning of chapter fifteen, and all of her section worksheets were in a pile, in order, next to the book. She had specifically planned two hours of study for this test, and she was already lost at where to begin. It’s not like she didn’t understand the material; she knew it like the back of her hand, but instead, she wanted to make sure that she hadn’t learned something wrong. She knew all too well that by copying down the wrong number off the board at the beginning of the lesson she could fall into chaos when test day came. She was ever so grateful that Mr. Sedel put all of his notes online, as well as recordings of the lessons. Although she had never missed a class, it was easy to miss a crucial sentence or two with Adriana Welder sitting two seats over gossiping all class period long.
Addy heard her cell phone buzzing off in the distance; she had left it on the foyer in order to avoid any distractions from the outside world. But, after hearing that she had received a text, it was too tempting to just sit there, and the urge to know who wanted her attention became too much compared to her chemistry test. Pushing herself off the floor, she pulled her shorts down and padded across the floor to her door. She grabbed her Blackberry off the railing and leaned against the wall as she opened her inbox. Three unread text messages: one from Bay and two from Jarred.
From: Bay—Are we still meeting for dinner at Ariano’s at six-thirty??
From: Jarr—How’s the studying goin?
From: Jarr—I guess u r rly studyin. Wow. Go Adds. (:
Addy smiled and went back to Bay’s chat.
To: Bay—See you there (:
To: Jarr—I was, now I got interrupted, thanks. What’s up?
She sighed, took her phone to her room, pushed all her notes back into her folder, and fell back onto her bed. She knew that actually...


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