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Compare and Contrast the Institution of Religion and Education Using the Funtionalist Prospective

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Montgomery Lewis
SOC-102 Principles of Sociology
Ms. Barbara A. Mason,
Why Can’t We as a Nation Get Pass This?
      There are many social concept and perspectives that can be examined, this is one way of looking at the on going problems that we face, In the last decade, the study of white privilege has reached currency in the educational and social science literature. In April 2002, the city of Pella, Iowa, hosted the Third Annual Conference on White Privilege. Concerned with the circuits and meanings of whiteness in everyday life, scholars have exposed the codes of white culture, worldview of the white imaginary, and assumptions of the invisible marker that depends on the racial other for its own identity (Frankenberg, 1993, 1997; Hurtado, 1996; Kidder, 1997; Rothenberg, 2002).
      Through many years the struggle for people of color have been set apart by segregation, all over the U.S., all the public facilities were segregated, including lunch counters, libraries, buses, swimming pools. Most schools (almost every school) were segregated too. The blacks wanted to have civil rights. Black American became increasingly impatient at the lack of progress in obtaining their full civil rights.
      President Kennedy was accused of being too cautious and unwilling to upset the white southern politicians. The civil rights movement had started in the 1950s, gained strength in the 1960s. Martin Luther King leaded a lot of non-violent demonstrations of black unity and also white support to achieve their rights. But there where other black leaders too, such as Malcolm X. He said that Martin Luther King was too moderate and that violence was needed to confront white racism. Many young people were attracted to Malcolm X, because he was radical and young people are also. In some ways pro-violence was effective because with violence you get attention. Malcolm X thought the only way to get freedom was to fight for it. When blacks were demonstrating without...


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