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Letter to Andy Warhol

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Dear Mr. Warhol,

I have recently had the opportunity to take a look at your very popular Campbell’s Soup Can artwork. There has been a lot of controversy over your painting about whether or not it should be considered an artwork. In my opinion, it is one of the most unique and original piece of artwork ever created.

I believe that for something to be considered art, it should be easily described using the theories of successful art such as Imitationalism, Emotionalism, Formalism, Instrumentalism and Institutionalism. Imitationalism is clearly visible in this painting since it’s an imitation of a variety of Campbell Soup Cans arranged the same way they would be in a typical supermarket shelf. This painting also provokes a lot of different emotions on a lot of different people. Personally, looking at the painting gets me very curious and makes me think about the significance of the soup can. It is really amazing how you took an everyday object and portrayed it in such a unique way. Instrumentalism is also the one of the main elements in this painting. The way I see it, the soup can represents an era in which technology was taking huge leaps into the future and everything was becoming more simplified. A very popular household food item that’s usually made only by mothers and grandmothers was available in little soup cans all over the country and everyone could enjoy them. The artwork has a very simplistic form and is recognized by everyone; and that is essentially the true beauty of this specific artwork and that’s why it deserves all the recognition it has gotten over the years.

Mohammad Saeed


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